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A Guide on Planning the Best Baby Shower in Sri Lanka

Baby showers are a rite of passage for expecting mothers; especially if it’s the first addition to their little family. A baby shower will generally include the new-mom’s closest friends, family, and co-workers (depending on their bond) and can even be organized by any of them too.

There are many things to consider if you have been bestowed with the honour of organizing the perfect baby shower for the mom-to-be! From picking the right venue to buying the perfect gift, get organized with our guide on planning the best baby shower in Sri Lanka.



Baby showers are usually held at a private home; for ease and convenience and most of all intimacy. While keeping the budget and guest list in mind; the venue for the shower can be either your garden or the living room; both of which provides a warm, cosy ambiance for a small group. Hosting the baby shower at home also gives the mom-to-be the freedom to kick off her shoes and sink into a plush sofa. However, if your guest list is large, opt for a restaurant or private hall instead; that way, the catering and clean-up will be done by the staff; leaving you, the host, with one less thing to thing to worry about.


Date and Time

The guest of honour, i.e. the mom to be, should be consulted first before you settle on a date and time for the baby shower. It’s a general rule that baby showers should be held when the mom-to-be is about 28 to 35 weeks pregnant. This will ensure that she is still energetic and can handle the baby shower with a cute baby bump. Remember that the size of the belly equals the amount of discomfort for the mom; and the last thing you’ll want is a severely uncomfortable guest of honour. Additionally, this will also give her enough time to exchange any gifts or organize the baby room with the new items from the baby shower.



Pink is for girls and blue for boys, right? Well, not anymore. As the modern mom defeats stereotypes and challenges of the old world, finding the right colour theme is essential to planning the baby shower. Whether the sex of the baby has been revealed or is still a secret, decorate the venue with a neutral colour theme. While purple and yellow are the popular colours for a modern-day baby shower, make yours unique with themes around woodland creatures, Disney characters, polka dots or even around Harry Potter/Game of Thrones (the baby version, of course!). The easiest way to pick a theme and something you can’t go wrong with; is to choose a theme you KNOW the mom will love!  Hence why it’s important that baby showers be planned by the closest person to the guest of honour.




Your décor should go hand in hand with the theme. While you can improvise and customise your décor to suit the theme; i.e. if you chose woodland creatures, spruce up the room with stuffed toys (that could also double as gifts for the baby), drawings or paper-maches, etc. The best part about the décor is that they can also be used for gifts, party favours or for games. Some of the essentials you need to have are:

  • A sash or tiara for the mom-to-be
  • Welcome banner
  • Fresh flowers
  • Table settings; plates, cups, straws
  • A ‘wish-line’ or guest book.


Food & Drinks

The food and drinks at the baby shower will also contribute to your décor. Your menu should be divided equally between sweet and savoury items. Themed cupcakes, cakes and chocolates are popular sweet options, while quiches, bruschetta, chips and dip are common savoury snacks.  As for drinks, whether you’re serving cocktails or mocktails; baby-shower themed jars, bottles and more are a great way to serve them up! Start your meal prep by checking with your guest of honour on her cravings; this will help you plan out the rest of the food and drinks needed for your party too.



The main event! A gift registry will come handy when you’re planning the baby shower. The gift registry will help the new parents list out all the things they need or are missing from their shopping list and it will also help the guests as they shop for the perfect gift. This will ensure the new mom doesn’t get four baby mobiles! When you’re buying gifts for babies and new parents, the quality of the products is essential as you wouldn’t want the baby car seat to break after a week in use.

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